Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya (Tamil) – Movie Review

Before the review, lessons learnt from this movie.
1. If you are a guy and like a girl, be dedicated and sincere. Returns would be there.
2. Humour & fun moments fill romance part of life initially. When reality strikes sorrow is definite.
3. Break-up in first love is always a difficult part.
4. Whatever happens where ever you go, memories and butterflies of first love will remain. Sparks fill fly at any given instance.
5. Girls move on after a break-up. They try to adjust to new life.
6. Guys always hope for slim chance that the girl will come back.

A simple love story from Gautham Menon. Simbu as Karthik and Trisha as Jessie fall in love with one another. Karthik is a Hindu while Jessie is Christian. Jessie always has the fear that her dad would be against their love. She even goes to stop her wedding on the day of marriage as she still wants Karthik. Turn of events they seperate and go on different ways. Karthik becomes a director as was his dream. She moves to America. While shooting his movie he meets Jessie again. Whether they join again or not? In typical movie they will join together as Karthik’s movie titled Jessie. But in real life it does not happen is what Gautham Menon goes on to prove. Its not always, alls well that ends well.
They are some dry moments in the second half. Made up by the climax. Just be patient enough.
Background score by AR Rehman is good at few places otherwise nothing much to notice. Songs of course stand out.
Camera work is amazing especially for the song “Omane penne”.

A movie worth watching. Repetitive audience am not sure.


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