Chennai Marathon – Docs dont turn up

After my auroville run I changed/cancelled all my other plans and decided to run the half @ Chennai Marathon to be conducted tomorrow 21st Feb 2010. Organised SDAT it is mandatory for medical examination of Full & Half marathoners. They have a team of docs and it was supposed to start by 9:00am today morning at jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.
We (bro, shyam & myself) got tokens for our turn and it was numbers 73 & 74. We waited till 11:15am and there was no signs of doctors. We went out to finish our other activities. When we called by 1:00pm there was still no indication that doctors would turn up. Last heard doctors went on some other duty (not emergency).
We are not eligible to run tomorrow since we don’t have our BIB’s and I believe its better that I don’t run.

In such situation am very much sure how the event would be tomorrow. Its better not to conduct a marathon rather than call for it and make money out of it with poor organising. Its clear that organisers do not understand what long distance running is all about. Complete lack of professionalism is another reason.

Its better not to sign up again for Chennai Marathon.


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