Why do I travel

why do I travel?

Most reference is for travelling within India.
There are many ways one can travel around. I typically prefer to travel on a low budget. There has hardly been a time when I have travelled luxuriously except the cruiser I had taken years back. Even in that I took a deck ticket which did not cost me much.
Why a low budget? It connects me with the local people. I feel am one of them when I sit in local transportation or when I sit at a road-side tea shop talking with them. When you become part of them its easier to share lot of information. You dont feel the fear factor. There are lots to learn from crooks and people who try to con you.

1. Travelling is a way realising myself. Can I do it. What is my endurance level. Would I succumb to situations. Who am I. How fast can I think and how quickly can I implement it under circumstances.
2. There are certain times in certain situations when you got to take a decision. These are like real-time situations and not hypothetical. The decision at these points would change the next entire course.
3. It is to see places, admire the beauty within India and outside.
4. Each city/village is unique in its own way. Talking to people, moving around with them, there are so many things that one can learn.
5. Traveling is pretty much safe in India. There are troubles in lot of cities and towns but isnt it the same in other parts of world too? Yes, there have been incidents across lot of regions within India which has brought in fear among not only foreigners but also Indians.
There have been incidents which I have seen with my own eyes and some which I have experienced. I definitely do not have convincing reasons to say its even 80% safe. Somethings which you see directly also has an impact.
6. Lot of us are still afraid to travel by road for long distances. Bad road conditions, no restaurants enroute. What if people stop you and rob you. What if we meet with an accident. How will the people be.
a. There are lot of stretches where the roads have been laid and where they are being laid. There is tremendous amount of improvement in the road conditions over the years.
b. There are restaurants in almost every town or city that you cross.
c. People will top and rob you. Don’t travel in night time, its unsafe. Day time there are no issues.
d. Accidents happen everywhere not only on the highways.
7. For many families in villages and towns travel means a visit to temples or a pilgrimage tour. Many who travel from big cities also do not get to have a conversation with villagers.
8. Its to taste cuisines of different cities. There is a rich food culture across India. Each city has its own specialty.

In my East Coast ride I had flag tied to my motorbike. Why? Almost everyone who talked to me wanted to know this.
1. My nationality is India.
2. India gives me identity. Later comes my identity of being Tamilian.
3. This tour is part of my travel over India in the next few years and the flag is a way to signify the same.
4. Everyone respects you.


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