Vangi Bath (Brinjal rice)

Vangi bath is a famous kannadiga dish. This is cooking procedure for 1 person. Can be extended for more.
There are many ways of preparing vangi bath, I found this not only an easy method but also tasty to eat.

1. 150gms of brinjal
2. 3 green chillies
3. 2 red chillies
4. Urad dal
5. 1 tsp Ginger garlic paste
6. Red chilli powder
7. 1tsp Garam masala powder
8. 4tsp Oil
9. 3/4th cup rice
10. 3/4th tsp salt
11. 1/4tsp mustard seeds

Wash the rice and cook in oven or pressure cooker.
Cut green chillies and red chillies into small pieces. Also, cut brinjal into medium sized pieces
Heat oil in pan with mustard seeds. When mustard seeds get heated add urad dal, green chillies, red chillies and fre till dal becomes golden brown in colour.
To this add ginger garlic paste and mix it. Then add the brinjal pieces. Mix the contents. Add garam masala and pinch of red chilli powder. After mixing them add salt and stir the contents. Allow it to fry for sometime till brinjal becomes soft enough.
Now added the boiled rice and little bit of youghurt (curd). Mix them properly. Switch off the fire and allow the rice to cool down. When hot add coriander leaves for smell and taste.

Eat the rice with pickle and curd. Alternatively, raitha is also a good combination.


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