Nxt GenX

In changing times there are also changes in relation & marriage. It was not common but was happening for quite some time in urban & rural India just like in the Western world. The mix in a relation leading to marriage is good for the Indian community.
In past why marriages were allowed only within same community. One, the property and money would remain within the community. Two, the thought process and idea’s and rituals would remain the same and continue. Third, each community was performing one set of activity. A mix of farmer with a girl from brahmin would not happen as this would lead to change of profession & life for either one. Could one adapt to such a thing was a big question. Not only adapt it was also about what of the next generation. Any relation was always a focus on next generation rather than the current generation.
A mix in marriage was to be faced with stiff opposition sometimes meant death if marriage happened. Some who did marry migrated to other cities or countries to avoid facing harassment. In today’s world harassment still exists, opposition exists. But the acceptance level has changed for better. The opposition has reduced. Why? Atleast in urban places if one notices education has changed this. With people from different communities reaching similar levels of education, the behavior pattern has also changed. More time spent together brings forth a relation and some extends to marriage.
Is a mix of this kind good for people? Yes. Consider India as a whole there are people of different backgrounds, different practises, different rituals, different thought processes, different languages. When they come together new ideas are born. This is the new generation. 20 – 30years from now, we would find more & more of such a mixture and new ideas/ideals born out of this mix.
The formation of communities and society would undergo a change in times to come.

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