Accidents are made, they don’t happen

In most of my trips and regular riding I have witnessed many accidents that happen on the road. All it takes is a bit of patience. There is always a feeling of being in a hurry in everyone. Some could be genuine and some man-made.
Today, riding down from Chennai to Bangalore at Vellore, I was in the middle lane riding at about 90km/hr. On the right lane was a bus at 60km/hr and on the left an auto at about 40km/hr. It would take me about 2minutes to cross them and move to the left lane. From a distance I saw a BMW car (TN07AE1**8) ripping towards me at a good speed. Its very clear I cant move to either lanes as I would bang against the other two vehicles. The other option is to completely slow down and move behind one of them which would take 1minute. The driver of the BMW car could clearly see and should have been able to gauge the speed of mine. But he continued at the same and came right behind me and honked hard. It didnt have any impact on me since I had no option but to cross them. If the driver had been bit more careless he would have knocked me down and if he was careful he would have slowed down slightly before and not honked when there was no need for.
The second kind of people are those who cross from one side of the road to another side on cycles, 2-wheelers and other vehicles. The straight lane always gets preference is only in the books but never in reality. Even though they can see you coming at good speed they will still cross with least bit of concern. And after crossing they would slow down and stand watching. For what joy do they do this?
The third kind of people would turn into the main road even if you honk or flash light. They always feel that other vehicles should apply break or make adjustments accordingly.
You hit any of them the entire village would pounce on and beat you black and blue.
Men are no different from stray dogs which cross when they feel like or the cattle which sit in the middle of the road since it feels it wants to take rest.
The fourth kind of people those who think any paper, plastic cover, empty carton box, wrappers should not be inside the car. These are garbage and they should be disposed off immediately. So, when travelling in car or vans or buses or trucks they throw them out of the window. It doesnt matter to them if there are vehicles coming behind them. Its all the more danger for 2-wheelers if it lands on the face directly. If you question them they want to fight with you and not understand. If the educated do it, what can you expect from those who are not.
The fifth kind of people want to gargle water in their mouth and spit it from the window of their vehicle. They want to spit the paan and anything and everything.
The sixth kind of people want to overtake at any given point of time. The vehicles coming in opposite direction can slow down. The another sect in the same overtake at curves and bends. All it takes is few seconds or minutes but they cant wait. They would be late for the meeting, unmindful of never making it for meeting nor home. Like one sign board reads on the highway “BETTER BE LATE Mr. THAN BE Mr.LATE”. Who reads them?

What would bring sense into the educated people who drive/ride. If 10% of these people change, they could definitely influence other road users. This is a big challenge to bring about a change, and how to do it another big challenge. While we fight for so many things, the basic civic sense is missing.


2 thoughts on “Accidents are made, they don’t happen

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