Devi Theater Complex

What has improved over the years is the pricing and the service extended by the security guys. For those who dont know, Devi is a famous theater complex in heart of Chennai along NH45 on Mount Road very close to LIC Zonal Office.
I was shocked when the security guy said “oru aal ponga online book panni irrunda” and then repeated in english “one person stand in queue”. In english was a complete shocker for me. Well, before that it seems when booking ticket one need to book parking space also! Otherwise if there are no parking slots available then you need to look around for other options.
Devi Bala, a small box like space for seating maybe more than 500 people. It appears as if the screen is far far away from your seat. The width of the picture is also missing. The sound system, dts has been installed but they got confusion when to switch on and when to switch off. So, the speakers at the rear start blaring suddenly when not required and become slient when it is needed.
It was like watching movies @ Roof Top Film Festival.
All in all a bad movie watching experience @ Devi Bala. Better avoid this complex.


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