London Dreams (Hindi movie) – Review

Arjun (Ajay Devagan) has the big dream of London Dreams, to make it big on stage of music. In the process joins Priya (Asin) and his return to India brings with him Mannu (Salman Khan). What happens next do they make it big is the rest of the movie. A real dry script. The movie is no big shake.
Am still left wondering what is the role of Asin in the movie. Except for 2-3 dialouges in Tamil, dancing around. She doesnt even motivate Arjun or Mannu to make it big.
Few dialouges for Salman makes people laugh but its for 2-3minutes of a big movie.
Why does Arjun slap himself with belt is not known. Is it lust or love for Priya is also not clear.
The songs are too loud. Background score doesnt even matter.

Overall a poorly made movie. Maybe a 1 out of 5 will be my rating.
Skip this movie if you have anything else even not important to do.


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