Aadhavan (Tamil) – Movie Review

Aadhavan starring Surya, Nayantara and others would be easily forgotten if not for Vadivelu.
Surya is a paid assassin. In his attempt to assassinate head of CBI team commissioned for finding the death of children, finds his love and other long lost family members. Often repeated storyline.
Stunts though copied from various English movies is not an eyesore. Surya jumping from Howrah Bridge (Kolkatta) and helicopter are mentionable stunts.
Nayantara is for glamour quotient and front benchers. She disappoints slightly in this region though.
Vadivelu is the pick of the star in the movie. He dominates the first half of the movie and entire audience bursts into laughter time and again. After first half one can walk out of theater still laughing.


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