Kanva Reservoir Ride

18bikes, one man, one helmet, one bag
Its been quite some time since I did a group riding and with Royal Knights Motorcycle club. Today was the ride to Kanva Reservoir near Ramnagar and a day ride. About 70kms from Bangalore.
We all met up at Koramangala Sony World junction and started our journey by around 6:30am in the morning after a small briefing of group riding. We were 18bikes and 2 pillions.
After Ramnagar you need to take a turn to right from Mysore Road (SH17). They are laying the roads currently. In the past it was worse but a good off-roading place. The group was maintained and we had some fun, photo shoot, video shoot. A mix of all.
We decided to call it off a day after round of introductions. The day was very humid and hot after last nights rains.

Video 1 of the ride that I shot.
Video 2 of the ride.

There was another bullet bikers group in bangalore who had also joined. Just shows there are lot of fragmented groups. Its time all came together. The rides could be done in groups depending on ones interest. But a single banner with diversity is what should be looked forward to. The existing old groups should also accept others into their fold.

I would love to do more solo’s too…..
My bike


4 thoughts on “Kanva Reservoir Ride

  1. Especially with lot of Bullet Lovers, if you need to provide that OOMPH factor about the Bullet Bikers club, yes it has to be a single one and u can do wonders!!!

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