Monsoon ride – Road trip 3

It was “One hill of a ride” and a rainy one.

“Rain rain go away
come again, another day
Little Jhonny wants to play”

Re-writing the rhyme
“Rain rain come come
come again next day too
Little Jhonny is riding”

In TN Munnar to Kodai

Riding speed –
40km/hr to 50km/hr up and down mountains in the rains & mist. At this speed one can smell the greens and feel the surroundings.
20km/hr when there were only rocks and slush (SH17A).
70km/hr at all other roads.
100km/hr from Kodai Road to Bangalore.

Day 1: In Bangalore – vehicle needs service.
Babu Mechanic shed Marthahalli. Wire to feeder coil had got cut.

Day 2: Bangalore to Pollachi.
NH209 till Kollegal via Kannakapura
SH17A from Kollegal to Satyamangalam. No roads only rocks and potholes. Led by cattle also!
SH17A road

NH209 from Satyamangalam to Pollachi.
Early morning rains when leaving Bangalore.
Heavy rains from Satyamangalam till Anoor.

Day3: Top slip.
Aliyar dam.
View from Azhiyar dam
No rains.

Day 4: Pollachi to Valparai.
40 hairpin bends.
Hairpin bends

slight drizzle, heavy mist, amazing views.
Mist covered

Visit to Koozhangal river in valparai.
Koozhangal river

Day 5: Anamudi, Pooncholai (Amazing view), Chinnakallar (Recieves 2nd highest rainfall in India).

Chinnakallar road
slight drizzle, rocky paths.

Day 6: Valparai to Munnar
(via Annamalai Tiger Reserve & Chinnar wildlife sanctuary).
Heavy rains from Chinnar till Munnar about 50kms.

Day 7: Non-stop rains in Munnar from previous day.
Change of plans Munnar to Kodaikanal.
Rains, heavy mist, poor visibility.
Heavy mist & rain in Kerala (Munnar)

Day 8: Silent valley, Berijam lake, Pillar rock, Kodai lake.
Green valley

Day 9: Kodaikanal to Bangalore. (via dindugul, karur, salem, dharmapuri, krishnagiri, hosur)

For all photos click here.
Detailed posts follows soon.

In the end 1500kms totally.

Personal loss:
1. MP3 player which stopped after repeatedly getting wet in rains.
2. Shoe – which never saw the sunlight. was always wet.
3. Jeans pant – same as my shoe.
4. Gloves – which got torn due to rains and friction from hand.


2 thoughts on “Monsoon ride – Road trip 3

  1. Sure seems like one hell of a trip. Great! Great pics too. Consider yourself booked to be my official travel advisor when I want to measure the length and breadth of India sometime in future.

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