Strange people and stranger thy ways

Few weeks back on a Saturday morning I was cycling towards Hebbal for practise. There were few other cyclists who overtook me on their imported road bikes. They were so nice and said HI to me. It was nice of them to be courteous.
Following day I was running along same route and in opposite direction. I saw few of them on their cycles and recognised their faces. Now, I said HI to them and they stared at me as if I made some mistake or like I was an alien.
In the end I understood, it was because I was on the cycle earlier day they wished me. So, its the cycle that matters not the effort you put in for being fit. Running involves lot more effort than cycling. Wondering why the object gets respect than the man.

Couple of days back I was riding on my motorbike towards Chennai from Bangalore. At Hosur, there was a couple from Bangalore in their car riding somewhere. They unmindful of who whether there was vehicles behind thru plastic cover from the car onto the road. Such a poor sense. The same people could be sitting inside air conditioned room and discussing on environment and how to throw waste into the garbage bins. Same was the case when I was returning from Chennai today evening. Atleast they had manners to apologize and listened to my abuses.

What is wrong with people??


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