Bonn, Germany

Formerly West Germany capital and one of the cities along the Rhine river, Bonn is small and beautiful city. Its a long journey from Heidelberg. Apparently last saturday 4th Juy happened to be a music festival in Bonn. Its one of biggest open air music fests in Germany. In the train there are all these people from all over making lot of noise, dancing, singling. Well, its so much fun but not possible to join them due to communication problems.
After spending some time inside the main areas of the city I take a space for the night in Max Hostel @ Maxstrasse. Its easy to find this place. 25euros for the night.
Later we walk towards Rhine river and spend sometime sitting on the grass and relaxing muscles. Before feeling its time enough to get moving to the festival.
I was not able to understand what the band was singing or announcing but the music was good. And the mood was ecstatic. There were so many people all over. Was there till hunger overcame the thirst for more music.
There is nice Italian restaurant “Vapiano“. The system in this restaurant is amazing. Once you enter they give you a card which looks similar to ATM card. You go to the food counter swipe the card and order whatever you want. Now they give you a small circular object. Pick it up find a place for yourself. Once what you have ordered is ready, the light in circular object starts blinking. Pick up your food. When you think it is time to leave, give the card to cash counter. They tell the amount to be paid, pay it and leave.

Next day I again spend some time by Rhine river side and some time up the City Memorial Center before catching the train back to Heidelberg.

One can also do hiking on the mountains, maybe that can wait for next time.

For photos click here.


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