Heidelberg, Germany

After the Heidelberg bridge across Neckar if you still keep going down towards end of town, you will find water flowing with strong currents. I was wondering why the currents are high in this area You will not find anything out of ordinary here. The towns look the same as in other places over Neckar.
There is just one iron based long cylindrical object which causes such currents. At the other end of bridge you would notice two sets of three gates. Turn around and you will find a board on the wall. This is Hydro-electric power project by Neckar AG. started in 1991.
Why are there three gates parallel to each other. These are for the boats and ships to pass through the river. The boat crosses one gate and second gate. Now, they need to stop between the second and third gates.

Water is pumped in between the two gates so that the water level is same as the river on the other side.

One the level is reached the third gate is opened and the boat passes through. There is one guy manning the gates from the shore.
Pretty interesting how well managed it is. Photos later after uploading them.

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