Brinjal Gotsu

South Indian side dish for pongal.
Recipe for 1 person.
2 big brinjals
small lemon size tamarind
1 big tomato
1 spoon Sunflower Oil
1/4 spoon mustard seeds
2 small green chillies
2 red chillies
1/2 spoon salt
Preparation Method
Roast the brinjal after applying little oil in gas flame. Peel off the skin. Mash nicely.
Boil tomato and peel off the skin. mash nicely.
Heat tamarind in little amount of water and mash nicely to get juice out of it.
Mix the tamarind juice to nicely mashed brinjal and tomato.
Cut green chillies and red chillies to small pieces. Heat oil in a pan and when mustard seeds starts getting fried, add green chillies and red chillies. Fry them and add the mixture of tamarind juice + brinjal + tomato. Add salt. Allow it boil once or twice.
Now the dish is ready to be served.


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