Pongal Recipe

Second most easiest South Indian Tiffin to make after Idlli.
This recipe is for one person.
Required items:
1 cup Rice
2 spoons Paittam parupu (Moong dal)
1/2 spoon Black pepper
1/2 spoon Seeragam (Jeera)
Finely chopped Ginger (little)
1 spoon Cashewnut (broken into little pieces)
1 spoon Ghee
1/4 spoon Mustard seeds
1/2 spoon salt (based on requirement)
1/4 spoon Asafoetida powder (perungayam)

Soak rice & moong dal & asafoetida powder in water. And keep it for boiling in cooker or oven. In the meantime, pour ghee in a vessel and fry mustard seeds, black pepper, seeragam, ginger, cashewnut.
If using the cooker when the steam comes up through nossel, reduce the flame intensity. Open the lid of cooker and pour the fried contents and salt and mix properly. Now close the lid and allow the rice to boil and get steamed properly.
If using oven then open the oven after 2-3mins and mix the contents. Put it back into the oven and allow to get steam cooked properly.

After 30mins your pongal is ready.

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