Cycle Trip to Jain Farms

Cyclists: Anita Bora, Ann Maria, Balasubramanian Anand, Deepthi Prasanna, Lavanya Vishwanath, Manjula Sridhar, Sandeep and myself.
Route: Koramangala – Sarjapura – Bagalur – Jain Farms
Distance – 72kms

A proposed trip by Anita for cycling to Jain Farms near Hosur in TamilNadu. It looked to be a short ride but finally turned out to be 72kms from my place. At Koramangala three of us met up in the morning to proceed to next meeting point @ Sarjapur Wipro Office. Another 5more joined us over there and by 6:15am we were off pedaling towards Jain Farms. The motivation was a breakfast at Jain Farms and it was by no means a disappointment.
Two from the group pedaled at good speed while rest of the group went leisurely. We had biscuits and stopped at times for general break and also for a tea break. Finally we reached Jain Farms a distance of about 30kms from Sarjapur Wipro Office by 8:30am.
Some more restful moments, guided tour around the farm, checking out pottery and killi josiyam (parrot astrology), we headed back to Koramangala starting at 12:30pm. We had to face heavy winds and good slopes making it difficult to cycle fast. And regular stops to relax tired muscles. When we reached starting point at Koramangala it was 3:00pm.

For photos from my camera, click here.
Photos from camera 2, click here.
Photos from camera 3, click here.


6 thoughts on “Cycle Trip to Jain Farms

  1. It was 2.5 hours then on the way back. This is much faster than my usual standards of 50mins/1hr from Indira Ngr to JP Nagar. I think we tried to keep up with you, and ended up cycling faster.

  2. @ sathish: i think getting to the destination faster is a waste. you miss all the great experiences of the way! like the “pushing truck to get it out of the muck” episode 🙂 i like the slow and leisurely pace and also enjoying my surroundings when i am going through. i don’t enjoy the cat calls from silly goofs who are not used to women on cycles!

    we should do this more often – after i get my bike!!

  3. @sandeep @anita
    i cld ‘ve been faster but i dont think i wld ‘ve sustained the same speed!! i might ‘ve been waiting fr u guys later panting…
    i always feel one should enjoy the ride… & we did enjoy on the way to destination… in the return there was something waiting for me so had 2 rush back…
    nxt time carry some swiss knife or metal rod with you… if guys make too much cat calls just get down & attack them, they ‘ll run away…

    lets cycle regularly on weekends ur speed will definitely increase…

    that was gr8 effort from u guys… 100kms with such heavy winds…
    dont forget me in cycling 2 nandi hills & mysore…
    But please bear with my speed!! 😉

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