Life is tough – 52 (Ripple Effect & Relation)

Ripple effect is gradually spreading influence or effect. When one hand splashes water there is ripple effect. The effect dies down over time. But put another hand to it and continue splashing, the effect never fades off.
Phase 1
Between two individual in a relation positive thoughts of one produces positive thoughts of other person also. This builds the effect/influence and the relation blooms. At the core the force is very strong which cannot be disturbed easily. Time flies by.

When one hand stops splashing water the effect does not stop since the other is still splashing with lesser force. The intensity reduces and effect still does not fade. This one hand wants the other hand to join so that intensity would be back.
Phase 2
In a relation one person takes a step back. The other person realizes something is wrong. Now both spread negative influence on one another. The ripple effect keeps dying down. A month seems like an year. Two months seems like decade. One of them tries to spread positive influence looking for, longing for the other to join.

The hand that had stopped splashing now returns. This is “point of return”. There is no end point. To move ahead both hands need to go back to where it all started. It takes time, slowly but steadily the intensity at the core is back.
Phase 3.a
The person who took a step back calls the other person. They both start meeting and talking avoiding the difficult topics of why one left the other. Point of origin. Positive influences spread from one to the other and vice versa. The relation blooms again. Everything is back to the way it was before.

The hand that had stopped splashing does not return. The hand has moved from the lake to a another lake. The one hand that was splashing with less forces realizes “point of no return”. This hand also stops splashing. The effect fades away. The lake looks still.
Phase 3.b
The person now understands that no more positive influence can influence the other. It time to stop spreading positive influence on same person. There will never be a ripple effect between the two.


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