Naan Kadavul – Movie Review

This movie is not for the light hearted and also not for those who look for entertainment factor. The first half of the movie deals in detail about like of sanyasis in Kashi and how the physically deformed people are forced to get into business of begging. For the weak hearted these scenes would bring a sigh or two.
The second half brings all the characters together. the ending is not a happy ending just like other movies of Bala.
Arya has done a good job. But standing out with performance is Pooja. She till now regarded more as an item number has been made to act in this movie. She has done a stellar performance.
This is a movie which is worth watching and should be definite for awards.


2 thoughts on “Naan Kadavul – Movie Review

  1. Very well taken movie..and i agree with you that this is not for the light hearted people. I got emotional in a couple of scenes…and u have to believe it that i couldn’t sleep that nite after watching this movie. some scenes were heart-rending.

    Hats-off to director Bala…he always touches peoples heart with is tremendous work!

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