Gokarna Beach Trek

2 years back I had thought of doing the 5 beach trek in North Karnataka. Finally on 28th December 2008, I managed to do it. After the Goa Cycle Trek, on 26th we (Shyam & myself) browsed the internet for information. One post mentioned of starting from Bada Beach in Kumta and ending in Gokarna. We decided to start from Gokarna and end in Bada and started our journey to Gokarna. We hopped on to a bus from Panjim to Margao. From Margao we took a direct bus to Gokarna, fare Rs.75/-.
We rested on 27th, just walked around generally, enquired a bit and slept off.
On 28th December, we got up very early in the morning around 5:00am and started towards Gokarn Main Beach. We were there in the beach by 5:30am and due to lack of light all around waited till the first rays came. While waiting, the shops on Gokarn beach opened and I had a cup of tea.
Gokarn Beach. First photo in morning.
Around 6:30am we started off. We walked till end of Gokarn beach, climbed up the hill and after clicking some photos continued the walk down the hill to reach Kudle Beach.
Kudle Beach
From Kudle repeated the same to reach Om Beach. This beach has the name for the shape of the beach. Its similar to the sanskrit character Om.
Om Beach
We reached Om beach by 8:00am and we were on schedule. Our plan was to complete the trek as fast as possible to avoid the heat later on. But it did not mean we will not have our pleasure.
From Om, our next halt was Cresent Beach. To get to Cresent was an easy climb. We took a wrong path and ended up putting in more effort than required. We met couple of guys who were staying over there for the night after a day’s trek.
Cresent Beach
The next beach is the Paradise beach. To reach this beach we had to climb over rocks and also jumped over few. Here we finished our breakfast. The rocks were not slippery though much to our delight.
Paradise Beach

The actual trek ends at Paradise Beach. This marks the 5 beach trek (Gokarn – Kudle – Om – Cresent – Paradise) as is usually written and told.
But due to mis-information we were on hunt for the Bada Beach. To reach Bada we have to reach a place called Tadir and then take a ferry to Agnashi. From there its about 10kms. We followed everything and walked all the way to Bada Beach. On reaching there it was quite evident why it could not be part of the trek. There were practically no one in the beach expect 5 localites and no shops nor shacks. By the time we reached Bada it was pretty hot and humid.
Bada Beach
We finished our lunch sitting under the shades of trees and also slept for 30mins. Then we ventured into the waters. I dont think such an oppurtunity would come again were you are almost having the entire beach for yourself.
After washing ourselves we got back to the main road, took an over packed van to Kumta bus stand. From there bus to Gokarn.
To view all photos, click here.


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