Ultra Marathon – 50kms

My first ever Ultra Marathon, the second conducted by Runners For Life. Same place like last year starting and ending at Our Native Village resort. One way distance was 6.25kms and a loop of 12.5kms. Each runner had a choice of running 25kms, 50kms, 75kms, 100kms or run as much for 12hrs.
The best part is since it is organised and conducted by runners, they know what is required and how to do it. There were few guys who were running for 24hrs.
I ran/walked 50kms in close to 7hrs. Last year I cancelled my run in Ultra due to knee injury. This year, my knee pain started again on completing about 30kms. But I carried on thanks to my bro, who said he would accompany me but later stopped due to cramps.
Also, thanks to others who believed I can do it and all those who encouraged me enroute.
I got cramps in my stomach due to hunger (next time I should plan how to eat during the run and before the run), knee pain, cramps in thigh. But in the end I did finish it.
It was nice cloudy day with slight drizzle and sun never came out the entire day which was blessing in disguise. The trail was made out neat with good amount of up’s & down’s, had lot of stones, bit of grass, bit of tarred road and mud. No wonder it is said Ultra is tough.
The best part was for about every 1.5kms mark roughly there was a water point. In the finishing stages at every point, I used to do few squats, apply the iodex pain relief spray and again continue. It was indeed gruelling and for the first time I sweat so much running in Bangalore that too within the first 25kms.

Finally one photo of mine smiling when running.

(Courtesy Sabine, who is also founder/runner of Runner Girls of India)
For more photos, click here. Lot more to come.

The sad part is I had registered for 75kms and I ran only 50kms so I do not qualify for finishers medal 😦

Childrens Day

Today marking the Anniversary of Pt.Jawarharlal Nehru, is celebrated as Childrens Day. A person who was very fond of children.
Wishing all kids on this day.
On a lighter note, this date marks the end of tenth month from Valentine’s Day.

Quantum of Solace – Movie review

M: Bond, come back.
Bond: I never left!

Are you a James Bond fan of Pierce Brosnan era, then you will definitely be disappointed not to see gizmos and dozen geeky stuff in the car. A James Bond fan of Roger Moore or sean Connery era would not be disappointed and would definitely see more.
But unlike a typical James Bond (Daniel Craig) in this movie he does not flirt much with girls. Maybe thats the new concept getting evolved. The initial stunt scene after title song is much like stunt scene in earlier movie Casino Royale. The fight scenes are getting more manly and much throwing around happening between the bad guys & James Bond. If you are used to watching James Bond, racing in his car scrapping through bad guys or fighting against the odds in boat chase, well, you get to watch it again. But what you might not have watched is Bond flying a big plane!

This movie continues from previous one Casino Royale on a personal motive. He travels from Italy to Austria to London to Haiti to Italy to Bolivia to Russia before the movie ends. In due course he learns about the motive of Dominic Greene (Mathew Amalric) to take control of water resource in Bolivia by transactions with General Medrano (Joaquin Cosio). What happens later on is anybody’s easy guess but watch out. The female lead Camillie (Olga Kurylenko) has her own reasons to take revenge on General.
‘M (Judi) is getting too old and maybe should stop acting giving way to others for being M.

A proper entertainer in terms of physical action.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

On 1st November 2008, Vendanthangal Bird Sanctuary was declared open for public. 23 species of birds have arrived and 3 more are to arrive still. By January – February there will be loads of birds out there with their small little ones.
Vedanthangal is about 60kms from Chennai City. A right turn after Mamandur and another 12kms you reach the place.
Since 1st was the opening day there were not many tourists also the shops were not functioning to full scale. But things would improve within a week.
It was a beautiful sight to see a whole lot of birds flying in one direction then turning suddenly realigining themselves and again repeating the same. Its a perfect co-ordinated movement among them. One can just watch in awe & wonder. Of course what else when your camera is not the best one to capture such a beauty.