Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

On 1st November 2008, Vendanthangal Bird Sanctuary was declared open for public. 23 species of birds have arrived and 3 more are to arrive still. By January – February there will be loads of birds out there with their small little ones.
Vedanthangal is about 60kms from Chennai City. A right turn after Mamandur and another 12kms you reach the place.
Since 1st was the opening day there were not many tourists also the shops were not functioning to full scale. But things would improve within a week.
It was a beautiful sight to see a whole lot of birds flying in one direction then turning suddenly realigining themselves and again repeating the same. Its a perfect co-ordinated movement among them. One can just watch in awe & wonder. Of course what else when your camera is not the best one to capture such a beauty.