Generally cribbing

1. Smoking ban in public places law got much publicity but not implementation. Except corporate offices, I can see people smoking everywhere, BDA complexes, Hotels, roads, street corners. Can every new law have proper implementation phase.
2. When ex-Chief Minister says the IT population should not complain about traffic jam created by rally because they are not in voters list is seriously mistaken. Out of 100% voters in Bangalore less than 70% only cast their vote. All rallies in all states & cities should be banned.
They affect normal life. Rally in Chennai by Vijayakanth also affected normal life to a large extent. Luckily it was a Sunday. what a spoiler, though.
3. Why is it that drivers & riders have no respect for pedestrians? When you walk trying to avoid a pothole, car drivers honk from behind. Where is the space to move. These drivers should walk & I should drive the car at that time, then will they understand?
4. When crossing an almost empty road with only a biker, be assured that the biker would move perpendicularly that he would hit you. Bikers never seem to understand how an object on road moves. Also, they fail to judge the speed of vehicle in front of them 95% of time thereby breaking suddenly.
5. Why do travel guys charge two-ways when you book a bus for only one way? If you book a bus from Bangalore to Chennai, they will charge you for Chennai – Bangalore also. But they would issue tickets. Its easy to cheat in cab business since no one questions.


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