First time am running with Chennai Runners. Run along East Coast Road on 19th Oct, I decided to cut down from 35kms and do a 20kms. Running in Chennai is definitely a different experience than running in Bangalore due to heat and humidity. Also, the earlier day was in IITM for BCC2, after the run had to get back there again.
The organising was really done well with support from Apollo Hospital. Some of the runners also decided to be volunteers, like I did last year. Hats off to the organisers and volunteers and Apollo Hospital.
I ran with my bro, Shyam and decided to run at a decent pace. We both had bottled lime juice from home. I found this particularly better than Gatronade or Electrolyte (both taste I hate) and this is sweeter than plain water. After 10km mark, we met Karthikeyan running towards 10km mark. We joined KK. At 10km mark we asked another runner who was volunteering to join us in the run. Maintaining a decent pace of close to 10km/hr, after 15km mark I increased my speed.
In the end I finished 23kms in 2hrs20+mins.


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