BarCamp Chennai 2

IIT, Madras the venue for BCC2. Meeting the usual suspects, Syed, Sukumar, Kribs, Aswin, Viki, Kausikram, Vijay Anand, Rupya Ganesh. Apart from that a poor turnout less than 100, far less than what was expected. Maybe the seasonal rains are to be blamed.
Met new guys, Viru, Deepak, Bala.
One session stood out. This was a session on Open Source mapping of street roads. The project is being done by bunch of college guys. Its really a very detailed mapping being done. Since the users contribute there will be more accuracy in directions. Would be very useful if there are guys in every city doing this. Would help tourists a lot. Also, not everyone in city knows every roads, would be helpful even there.

Best part was:
Person 1: Inga smoke pannalama? (Can I smoke here)
Person 2: No problem
Person 3: Yaar kitta Kings irruku? (Anyone having Kings cigarette)

2nd best:
Kiruba’s paisa vasool theory for wearing jacket stitched for reception. Not sure if he got anything back!


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