A request to all drivers & riders

Riding the cycle, the most toughest part is not roads with its ups & downs. Its the drivers in cars & bikes & public transport buses.
I did not face such a situation 2yrs back when riding my cycle. Now I find that traffic conditions are making it completely uncomfortable to cyclists.
Situation 1:
You are almost on the extreme left side of the road and only space you can go further is into the drain. Behind you, cab drivers & BMTC bus drivers honk. They honk in such a way that one gets jittery. Theres no further space to move out and give way to bigger vehicles. Even private car drivers have same problem. Utter disrespect to cyclists. Size does matter I understand.

Situation 2:
You are pumping your way up the slope, suddenly from an intersection, cab guy wants to turn and ensures that you hit the brake & stop. How difficult it is to ride up a slope. Hope they understand difference between manual power & motor generated power.

Situation 3:
Motorbike riders, they overtake you and suddenly apply the brakes forcing you to do the same. What fun.

There are some who acknowledge you and give you space. They are very few in number.


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