Bangalore & Traffic problems

Yesterday and today has been real worse in terms of traffic problems in Bangalore. Travelling from Whitefield to Koramangala in the evening is worse than one can imagine. Without rains yesterday the distance of 17kms took painful 2hrs. Today with rains 2.5hrs. To cross Marthahallli bridge from Whitefield a distance of about 5kms took 1hr. The bridge was expanded to ease the traffic problem and it does not seem to have solved the problem.
Whereas the entire distance by cycling takes only 1hr.
Its really time Goverment brought in some tough actions. Just like trucks are not allowed to go beyond Silk Board junction, there should also be a law preventing all cars with just single person inside. Either they should be taxed more for road usage or stopped from using the road completely especially during peak hour traffic. Every office goer complains of traffic problem but never thinks for a second that his/her car is also adding to the problem.

Probable solutions:
1. Force employees to use company shuttle
2. Increase the public transport and encourage its usage by every office goer
3. Brin in share auto concept
4. Enforce strict lane discipline. Two-wheelers and auto’s should use only one lane. They should not be allowed to change lanes unless they are taking turn.
5. Bus stops which are immediately after turning, coming down the bridge, after signal should be moved out.
6. No vehicles should be parked in the main roads. This includes stopping the trucks at Sarjapur junction by police. The trucks should be asked to park in the service lane. Similarly, there are lot of vehicles parked outside Reliance Fresh, FoodWorld, Wipro office, NDS office in Koramangala. These vehicles should not be allowed to be parked during peak hours.


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