MFormation Urban stampede

Today morning, I ran in the Mformation Urban Stampede Corporate Relay Run conducted by Runners For Life here in Bangalore. Team of 4, each runner had to run 5kms. I ran 5kms in 26-27mins. Our mixed team finished in 2hrs 4mins.
Personally, this was my first run after Mumbai Marathon 2008 in January. Last week was the only week I had practised coupled with cycling to office and it did help to an extent. Otherwise I might have never finished 5kms I think.
Thanks to Dr.Rajat Chauhan and his team. They helped me to recover from my knee pain. Doc is setting up his own clinic.
This has given me confidence and with sufficient practise in next 2months I hope to run the marathon at Kavery Trail in October to be conducted by RFL in decent timing. And also believe this time I can go for the 78kms in Ultra marathon to be conducted in November by RFL.


2 thoughts on “MFormation Urban stampede

  1. Hey, nice to know you ran the Urban Stampede. I wanted to but was pretty sure I won’t get three others. I have to start training for the Kaveri Marathon but the weather is so good that I cant get up early enough 😉

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