Cycling to office

After more than two years due to varied reasons I cycled today morning to office. It took me close to an hour to cover a distance of 18kms. I took almost the same time bus takes to cover the distance with all the traffic around.
It was not tiring, maybe I need to increase my speed. It was cycling at leisure pace.
I have been planning for this for quite few weeks without implementing it. Thanks to my friend because of whom I cycled since I had to join him in the journey to office.

Maybe now I would do this more regularly and its a easy way to keep fit.

Today (5th August 2008) morning I ran 7kms in 35mins and cycled 18kms in 52mins. Hopefully can continue the same form. This would also be a setter for Ultra Marathon to happen in November this year.
In the evening there was big traffic jam around Marthahalli due to a container which had overturned. What amazes was the slow pace in which the work was going on to remove it. I missed my camera a lot.

Today (6th August 2008), cycling of 18kms took 49mins. Thanks to a nice guy on another cycle who gave a competition on outer ring road which made me cycle little faster. of course I won the battle against him!! Not sure if I would be reduce the time any below than this.


3 thoughts on “Cycling to office

  1. i go in my shorts & t-shirts… in office i take shower & change clothes for work…
    i dont need to wear formals in office tho…

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