Busy weekend

Another busy weekend. While last weekend was trip to Pondicherry, this weekend is time for household work.
Yesterday, saturday was little relaxed after watching Kuselan on Friday night. Saturday was time to play few games of squash at Karnataka Badminton Association. Later after lunch settled down to watch the movies 50 First Dates and From here to Eternity.
Today has been real busy. Early rise to a nice day. Ran 5kms in 28mins and hopefully can reduce few more mins to compete in the Urban Stampede next weekend.
Then finished cleaning house, which includes the usual sweeping & mopping. Luckily Radio One 94.3fm is playing good old hindi songs which is keeping my mood alive.

Still to do:
1. Wash clothes
2. Clean my motorbike
3. Service my bicycle
4. Cook brunch
5. Do some shopping
6. Watch movie Frankie & Johnny.
7. Read the book “New Age of Innovation“.

All plans went for a toss after my friend twisted his ankle when playing tennis.

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