New age of innovation – 2

N = 1 & R = G. Focus on particular customer, use all the resources possible to achieve the target.

1. Indian Dhaba system:
In big hotel’s the menu’s are fixed and there is a seperate card which would mention the day’s special. Each customer would get to eat what is there in the menu and no new dishes. These hotels are not customer centric.
Any person who has travelled through India or who has studied in an University staying at hostels would have definitely known about these dhaba’s and also the fact that food tastes better over here than even in a 5 Star Hotel!!
These dhaba’s are highly customer centric. When you walk in, you need to tell him what dish you want, how spicy you want, what are the special ingredients to be added. The guy who took down the order in most dhaba’s might be the owner himself. He passes the order to his chef with the same specifications you have mentioned. These gets translated to the finished dish. Incase something is missing like salt, it can be added additionally. The owner sees to it that the customer is completely happy.

2. Mechanic shed:
This is also common in many Indian mechanic shed’s. A guy would walk in to the shed in his old motorbike and would call the owner of the shop. He would tell the owner, the color needs to be changed, front handle bar to be in this design, which model of silencer to be used, additional features.
Once the specifications are got, the owner does not have all resources in his shed. So, firstly he would dismantle the entire motorbike and take the parts to painter shop. Once painting is done, he calls the motorbike owner and shows him the finish. If satisfied the mechanic proceeds further with getting the remaining parts from other shops and other sheds. The mechanic ensures he does everything and uses most resources to reach the end result. The end result is what the customer had specified initially.
Once all modifications are completed the mechanic shows the motorbike to the customer who inspects it and if there are any further modifications would mention else take the motorbike.

3. There are also incident in typical Indian middle class family. When there is a visitor in the house and the host notices that some ingredients are missing when they start on the cooking. Immediately to save time, they run over to the hose next door to get those ingredients.

Maybe there are lots more in Indian scenario existing from good old times but without understanding the business or the technical definition.


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