New Age of Business Innovation

Last evening (10th July 2008) I was at this event organised by IIIT, Bangalore at ITC Windsor Manor Hotel. The main speakers for the event were CK Prahlad & MS Krishnan. The two had authored a book quite recent in stands “The New Age of Innovation”.
The other speakers were Kiran Mazumdar Shaw from BioTech & Shivkumar from ITC who talked about eChoupal. The key note was Sadagopan from IIIT, B.
Few take aways from the conference:
1. Todays approach to productisation is changing. From company centric now its more customer centric. The customer conveys what is required and development is made for that. “n = 1″.
2. Resource pool from across the globe should be utilised to achieve the requirements of customer.
” r = g”.
3. Managers shouldnt talk of owning resource but rather sharing resource. Identifying the correct talent.
4. From days of configuring systems, now is the day of customizing.

In the end I was happy on what I could manage to retain in my mind. Well one sad part was like many others I also skipped the dinner party.
Q&A session at the end was missing. Understandable for reasons how varied they might be, still I feel the organisers should give a slip or two to each participant. The participant if he/she has a question fills the slip with e-mail id. The speakers should write back to them. Its also a good way to build up interaction. Any author who was passionate to write a book would be equally passionate to clarify genuine queries. Hope organisers take a not of this.


4 thoughts on “New Age of Business Innovation

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  2. @David
    thnx for the link… very useful info & discussion out there..

    n=1 r=g has lot of lifts from indian scenarios, i believe!! 🙂

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