Karnataka Election Results – A glance

Final tally:
Information Available 224/224
Lead 0
Result 224
Party Won Lead Total
Bharatiya Janata Party 110 0 110
Indian National Congress 80 0 80
Janata Dal (Secular) 28 0 28
Bahujan Samaj Party 0 0 0
Janata Dal (United) 0 0 0
Samajwadi Party 0 0 0
Kannada Chalavali Vatal Paksha 0 0 0
Independents 6 0 6
Total 224 0 224

Unconfident Congress states that JDS should be called to form Govt incase BJP gets less than 100 seats. How funny. To read more click here.
BJP all set to form Govt for the first time in South India.

At this moment of writing the post with few hours left before announcing the final results, the BJP is in clear lead and well ahead of the rest. Leading in 82 constituencies and they have already won in 31, its a clear mandate against the JDS which is currently leading in only 32, Others 9 and remaining Congress.

To get to know the results click here.

Two options are possible:
1. Governor gives BJP a chance since they are going to win the maximum number of seats.
Two predictions are possible:
(a) The Govt runs without any problems for the entire 5yrs.
(b) Dissatisfied MLA’s of BJP in future can join hands with Congress, combine with JDS and Others and claim to form Govt.

2. JDS and Congress combine together with Others make a representation to Governor for forming Govt. From last occassion if Congress has learnt after what happened to BJP, they might not allow this to happen. Incase this happens then there would always be tension in the Govt and it might perform its regular duties but be more focussed on saving their chairs.

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2 thoughts on “Karnataka Election Results – A glance

  1. Finally, now there will be an end to the total absence of governance — that lasted four full years — in Karnataka. BJP gets a chance to prove its pro-development tag.

  2. @pradeep
    hope BJP will keep its election promise. also to be noted is they had many sympathy votes this time. so, its tough time for BJP and would not be an easy one.

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