Cast vote from anywhere

Today when Karnataka is into the first phase of elections to elect Goverment for the state, it is sad to note that in a State with maximum exports in IT sector has still not come up with a technology whereby any Kannadiga can cast vote from anywhere.
In time when people are going all over the World because of work and other reasons nothing else would make them happy then an ability to cast their vote. Its practically impossible for these citizens to come back to cast their vote.
Technologically it is not a difficult task to achieve the facility of bringing in Online voting feature. All it requires is an user identification and it should direct the user to their constituency and to click on button for casting the vote. The main problem though is what should be used for user identification.
Before this there should be feature during registering the citizens in the electoral list of a particular constituency to enter an ID card number. This could be Voters ID or Passport Number or PAN Card Number. Having entered this detail while registering or re-registering one, the same ID card number should be used for logging into the system. A week or two before elections each user should be able to verify his/her details and confirm. Any tampering of this list could only point to the Election Commission since they would be the one’s who have the overall responsibility of maintaining this list.
In this way every citizen could be made accountable if they don’t cast their vote also.

This is not a difficult task to achieve. Where there is a will there is a way.

Tags: Election, Democracy, Bangalore, India


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