Sudden showers in Bangalore

Dark clouds around 6:00pm turned into heavy showers around 7:30pm leaving everyone stranded on the roads. Not prepared for the sudden showers showed in everyones face, happiness for relief from heat and anxiety as to how to reach home. The rain was so heavy that a short movement of 10meters after getting down the bus to a shelter nearby left my pants and shirt drenched in water, not to forget my head. Thanks to Levis showroom guys in 4th Block Koramangala who allowed us to stand inside. Unfortunately for them their board crashed down in the heavy winds.

Update: When it rains in Bangalore electricity goes off. And the worst part was in some areas it was complete blackout till today morning there was no power. Pretty tough night with lot of mosquitoes going around and when covering with a blanket makes you sweat. Luckily I had Odomos ointment which I used to fight the mosquitoes and that was quite effective.

Tags: Bangalore, Rain


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