Vienna (Wien), Austria

From Innsbruck I take the evening train to Wien. On the train I meet a student of Wien University who happened to be flipping through pages of lonely planet book. Under impression that it was for Wien I enquire to learn that it is for South India a journey which is under plan for them. Me being an Indian and a South Indian I share my knowledge about this beautiful country. And goes the conversation for few hours till we reach Wien.
At the station my host picks me up and we walk down to the place.
Its pretty easy to travel around in Wien also. Most of the touristic spots are located in the 1st district. Take a printout of the City Tour or the Ring Tour from this link. Rest is pretty simple.
On the first day I walk around the 1st district for 6hrs stopping at spots like Parliment, History Museum, SchornKirch. I paid 10euros for walking inside the History Museum which had a wonderful tagline “We don’t have emperors, We have only their jewels”.
The entry fee looked pretty high for me and so I stayed away from other museums, tho I dont think I missed much.
I complete almost 3/4th of the tour when I reach the river Danube. I spend about 1hr along the river side without doing anything. Some other time I would have thot why am I wasting time but here I was on vacation and had liberty to do what I wanted to do without thinking about work or anything else.
Then I walk along the river check out some clubs and then feeling hungry walk over to “Der Wien Deewan” restaurant. This restaurant is very unique. They serve Pakistani/North-Indian curry (3 varieties of chicken & 3 veg). You can take the curry with as much rice as you want. The concept is very simple “Pay as you wish”. How much ever you eat, whatever you feel like paying pay. This was started by a Pakistani who married an Austrian and settled in Wien. This is a definite must for whoever is touring this city.

On the second day I dont do much. Later in the afternoon, I meet two guys Dirk and Nick who are travelling around the World on their motorbikes. They, my host and me we have lunch and then some photoshoot time and then some conversation with the bikers am off to take the train back to Frankfurt which ends my vacation.
Nick had worked in India some years back and click here to follow them.

For photos click here.

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2 thoughts on “Vienna (Wien), Austria

  1. @vijay
    yes, the architecture is really good of the buildings. also most buildings from old times have lot of paintings on them…
    the rice was from the Pakistani restaurant Der Wien Deewan…

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