Konstanz or Bodensee

Travelling from Germany within the German region it is Konstanz, from the Swiss or Austria section it is called Bodensee. Its a big lake originating from the Alps flowing down through Austria is the intersection of the three countries.
You can just keep walking along the lake and if you have a valid visa for entering Switzerland you can within few minutes!!
Its a highly romantic place and a good getaway. Though you might not find lot of tourists from other countries who visit mostly the main cities in the countries.

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4 thoughts on “Konstanz or Bodensee

  1. Well, not completely right!! 😉

    The town, where we met is called Konstanz, the lake is called Bodensee at the German part, too! 🙂

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  3. -In Germany, Swiss and Austria the lake is called Bodensee
    -In English is called the lake of constance

    But the name is not very important, yust improtant is the nature in this part of your world.

    It´s so quite, peacefully… I love ist!

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