Some things not to miss

When in Heidelberg, Germany dont miss having the drink Raki or Ouzo. Raki is Turkish speciality while Ouzo is Greek speciality. Both are made of sombu (in Tamil), Sönf (in Hindi) and tastes pretty good.
There are quite 4 french restaurants and the best among them is Jaegers Restaurant. Have not yet been there but the reviews are pretty good.
Dont miss Bombe Apfel @ Destille. This drink is Tobasco (chilly & pepper mix I believe) and more than 2 could give stomach problems if you are not from India!! 🙂
If you want real hot & spicy stuff check out Pizzeria (this is adjacent to Döner Kabab) on Haupstrasse. And ask for the chilly flakes. These made even an Andhraite from India shed water from eyes.
If you want some good and cheap Indian food head towards Raja Rani. Walking on Haupstrasse towards castle you will find Dubliner on the left side. Take the road opposite to Dubliner and keep walking inside you will find Raja Rani on right side. North Indian food not spicy.

When in Mannheim, Germany dont miss out Stars on ParadePlatz. Its complete glass and even you take lift with walls of glass to go up. Anyone with fear of heights would not like to be in the lift. The lounge is surrounded with glass and one can get a good view of the city especially at night time.
There are lot of Turkish restaurants near MarketPlatz and the best one being Sultan Imbis. Try out Döner with rice and salad.
On the road opposite to MarketPlatz, at number S4 you can find Enchiladas, the Mexican restaurant. The music is very typical and so are the food. Any item can be ordered with additional Jalapenos for more spice. Be there well before 8:00pm in the evening.
Check out this link if you want to party in Mannheim. The page is in German language but its not difficult to understand.

For evening snack, if you are interested in big pack of potatoes or chicken try out ‘Big Pommes’. The have outlet in Mannheim & Heidelberg. in Mannheim near MarketPlatz and in Heidelberg on Haupstrasse.

Would update this space regularly.

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