Why burn and run??

Isn’t it pretty ironic. Anything related to Cauvery water leads to burning down buses, boards, stoning in Karnataka. Its understood that the Tamilian population is higher in Karnataka next to Kannadiga’s. If there are any issues why target innocent people and vehicles and banning screening of movies which lead to loss to both the goverments. The loss is not pretty less and the movement of people across the two states is huge on any given day.

If a random statistic is taken across all companies there would be no company in Karnataka or rather Bangalore which does not have a Tamilian. If all Tamilians flee back to TamilNadu it could well be a loss to even the industry. Bangalore still is numero uno when it comes to revenue generated from Software Exports. Can these companies overnight find workforce to replace the existing workforce?

Politicising any issue only leads to loss. Can’t we never ever have a peaceful protest?? Infact among the protestors 3/4th of them do not even understand why the protest is for. Can everyone technically explain with facts and figures, with positives and negatives of what the situation is?

Hope Bangalore would not see another black day like the day when Dr.Rajkumar expired.

Tags: Bangalore, Karnataka, Cauvery, Chennai, TamilNadu, Politics


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