How others decide your path

Its not only people whom you know want to be part of your decisions and confuse you or rather convince you. But people who are not known to you also deicde on how things should run.
Today morning having got up late after long night, decided to catch the 8:59am train to office from Mannhiem. Later things went really well, like finishing off breakfast early and the catching the tram. The tram was quick enough. So with 3mins left to catch the 8:29am train I almost ran to the station. And the train was late by 2mins. Not only that after we all got into the train there was an announcement that the train would not proceed further due technical problems in the line.
Now I had to get out and finally wait for the 8:59am train. So, even if you want to change certain things not everything is possible all by yourself since there are others who are deciding something else.
And everytime it has to happen to me. Last year when in Germany there was a technical fault in the train to Frankfurt from Heidelberg that I had change to a bus then to train to continue my journey.
No wonder the song “Fear of Dark” always keep ringing in my mind.

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