Guide touts and Parking issues

Mysore is a such a nice place which is frequented by tourists from Bangalore and elsewhere. The peak crowd is usually found during the weekends. But the harrasment of tourists starts the moment you park and get out of your vehicle in Mysore Palace. The palace is so huge with so much to be seen even though most parts of the palace are not open for public access. Now if you are driving the car then make sure you park your vehicle where a bigger vehicle cannot block you from getting out.
On Saturday when we went in the car to Palace everything looked fine till we came out of the Palace back to te parking lot to find a bus blocking the path of our car. When we were searching for the driver of the bus to move it forward there comes a guy in the name of guide (not official) riasing his voice that the bus cannot be moved out. If we want to take the car out we have to request the driver of vehicle in front of us to move. All this because these guys make hell lot of money by acting as guides and not to forget the big tips that they get from North Indians as well as foreigners.
After much fighting when we raise the issue with the guys at the counter collecting fee for parking. One senior guy walks up to show the board saying “Parking at owners risk”. Now the risk is ours if there is any damage to the car. I believe thats what the meaning of the statement is. If someone is bullying tourists these guys should settle it up rather than supporting them.
While there is no one to manage the parking lot why should one just pay the parking fee?
This just sets such a bad precedent to visiting tourists. So if you are ever going to visit Mysore Palace ensure two things:
1. If you are driving you car park at a spot where no other vehicle can block yours
2. Otherwise book a cab so that your driver can manage these things.

Obviously this also means next time am in Mysore I would not go anywhere near the palace if am driving. Such a poor support from administration for tourists.

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