General Updates

Krishna Kafe next to GK Vale photo studio in Kormanagala 5th Block has introduced new dishes during dinner time. One such dish is Gobi Idly. This does taste good but few chilli’s would make it more excellent. But then as their manager says people are not preferring spicy food. Which inturn also means lot of people apart from South Indians are visiting this restaurant. I have visiting this restaurant for so many years now that I have seen it from the time food was real spicy to now where they have cut down on spice. All this to woo customers and retain them. This just leaves you with one option if you want real spicy food visit Chettinad restuarants like Anachi (100ft Road Indiranagar) or Anjappar (100ft Road Koramangala). Dont forget to tell them to make it real spicy coz they also add only little spice not to loose out on bigger market.

Am currently doing a wardrobe change where am replacing old t-shirts with new shirts. Yeah, after so many years am buying more of shirts currently. There is an anniversary sale in Polo outlet next to Krishna Kafe. Dont go buy the board which reads “Buy 1 Take 2”. This actually means you get 1 shirt free if you buy 1, not that you get 2 shirts free if you buy 1. But well the offer is good still that I bought a shirt out there. Pretty nice colours but they need to have more of informal wear also, I feel. A good deal though.

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