Anjathey – Movie Review (Tamil)

Director Mysskin after Chitiram Pesudadi has turned out another watchable movie. The script is pretty tight with no loose ends. At no time would one feel like getting out of theater. Its a simple story of how friendship breaks between two guys when one of their dream is shattered.
Satyavan (Narain) and Kiruba (Prasanna) are thick friends. Satyavan and Uttara (Vijayalakshmi) Kiruba’s sister are in love with each other. Among the two guys, one of them aspires to become SI in police department and prepares really hard for the exams while the other does not have any interest. Satyavan becomes SI while Kiruba gets into wrong way by getting into group of thugs with primary interest being to kill Satyavan. What happens later and who kills whom forms the remaining part of the movie.

There have been lot of movies on similar theme of friendship and the break-up. Most of them before have dealt such themes with a girl in picture and creating a love triangle. This movie has been handled differently and a welcome change. Yes, if the director could have done away with songs it would have been better, but then that can never happen.

Its surprising to see Pandiarajan in a different role and he has shed his previous mannerisms which makes him watchable. The song “Kathazha Kannala” really rocks. Other songs are no big shakes.

Movie worth watching.

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