Confused Human Mind

“Am confused on what to do” is a standard sentence heard and told many times by lot of people. What brings in this state of confusion on to human mind. Human brain is very complex thinking about lot of things happening around. At some point of time there is an interest generated on an object. When there are lot of variations available of this object this leads to over exposure. When human mind sees so many of certain thing now it becomes difficult to decide what to take and what to leave. If the options available are limited its just a choice whether to take it or leave it. If the age old story is to be believed Adam had only Eve and Eve had only Adam. There were no other options available to each of them.
In a world where free advice is never in dearth, the free advice adds to the confusion. Then how does one get a clarity on the object that is required?
Does this also sound like a confused post?

Tags: Psychology, Mind


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