Is law different

Australian team, media, spectators cried racial abuse few weeks back. And it took a lot to resolve the issue in favor of Harbhajan Singh leaving Australians to crib some more.
Now a new event has happened. Australian spectators threw eggs at SriLankan player Muthiah Muralitharan . Does this amount to racial abuse or is it part of the game??

For Australia anything against them means other countries are resorting to arm-twisting. But any racial abuse by them is completely fine and is actually not racial abuse!! Shouldn’t Australia be banned from playing cricket for 1-2yrs??

Tags: Cricket, Australia, India, Racism


2 thoughts on “Is law different

  1. Yeah, it would be interesting to see how the Australian media projects this. In my view, racial or not, this was an off-the-ground incident which had more to do with lapse in security of players (because of the reason that the egg throwers could escape without getting identified or caught).

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