Ramob – IV

An aged Sylvester Stallone attempts to get back to his old days through this movie after failing in earlier venture of Rocky. Age does show clearly on him in this movie. And of course this is last part of the series, in case you are interested to know why watch the movie.
John Rambo knows the river route to Myanmar (formerly Burma) and he is approached by a group of people who want to provide medicine’s to war affected people in the country. They also want to spread Christianity. They are captured by the Myanmar army and the Church hires a group of mercenaries to rescue them. Of course its not possible without Rambo’s help. How this happens, watch the movie.
There is too much violence in the movie. Bodies splitting, head hanging, heads burst apart, blood and dead bodies thrown all over. Violence & violence all over. If you are faint-hearted just stay away from this movie (though nothing can be compare to SAW movie series).
There is lot of action, untold romance, suspense and drama. The script is also very tight that there are no loose ends. The background score also fits to the action on screen.
On the whole its a movie worth watching.

Tags: Rambo, Hollywood


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