Dangerous Human Mind

“An idle mans brain is devils workshop.”
So goes the saying, is this true? Well without sufficient analysis no man would have arrived at this conclusion. A slight change could be brought about wherein its not only an idle brain but even a brain which is over possessed with one particular object. A man who has set eyes on the diamond to get for oneself spends entire time thinking about the same.Every action done the mind wavers after some time to the diamond. Its only the diamond the mind is set after. Every time the diamond is within grasp but a small bridge exists which prevents buying of the same, now the mind goes crazy and the love for the diamond increases. It increases so much that the persons entire existence is only dependent on the diamond and till the time purchase is made. Over possessiveness also affects the day-day work of the person. The person turns from being a whiz-kid to psyched out kid.

How does one get out of this state. It depends on the individual. How many hours man spends thinking of lot of things, there is always some amount of time where the thoughts wander. But when it wanders if the person could prevent his thots from getting back to diamond but to something else meaningful then a point reaches where eventually the thot would be left out.

Looking at other way, the more the person is obsessed to reach the goal of buying diamond he/she would go all out to get it. The moment this diamond goes out of mind then the feeling is no more there to reach for it.

Now which is the correct approach?

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2 thoughts on “Dangerous Human Mind

  1. Neither, a human mind can only be controlled by continuous practice of something, and at the same time being detached from the outcome. In the example cited by you, say instead of the goal being of buying a diamond, if it was to craft a beautiful jewel necklace out of an expensive diamond, then one should out in all energy in practicing the art of getting and cutting the diamond. The end result must no be looked at. So work backwards if the end result is to buy a diamond, then what should one do/practice enough to get that diamond.
    I remember a very nice saying of Viktor Frankl
    ” Don’t aim at success- the more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success like happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself..”

  2. i dont think that the mind is solely focused one thing. and even when we are filled with things to do,yes,i admit that the mind tends to dream about getting that one thing,in your case the diamond. but i believe that it is simply the way of life. there is something that each of us yearn to have and we spend our life trying to achieve it. without such aims we become zombies- bodies without a soul. after achieving the goal,we move on to some other obession. ultimately the human life is about achiement of the dreams of our mind. and most importantly,keep in mind that WE ALWAYS WANT WHAT WE CANNOT HAVE.

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