Boycott Australian Tour

While signs of defeat loom large over Indian Cricket Team, BCCI should consider boycotting the Australian Tour and ask players to return home. This second match has been the worst match of the tour so far.
Umpiring decisions went against Indian Team when Australia played first. Even tho 3rd umpire was introduced years back to prevent wrong decisions, the umpires on the field always want to rule in favour of Australian team. When India batted t first innings few decisions were again given in favor of Australia. Still Indian team due to its efforts managed to gain a good lead.
So, now what the Australians do to put pressure on India. File a complaint against Harbajan for racist comment. They very well forget the racist comments passed against Muthiah Muralitharan.
The Australian media joins the show by saying that Indian team is dominated by Brahmins. If the Australian team can be dominated by Christians why not Indian team by Brahmins/Hindu’s?? What is their problem if our team is dominated by Brahmins/Hindus??
As if this is not enough when India was going strong in the 2nd innings and victory was possible Dravid is given out when the ball nowhere touched his bad but pads. In cricket benefit of doubt is always given to the batsman. But umpires think otherwise when it is India thats playing.

With so much of bias umpiring and inability by Australians to accept they are invicible and their methods of putting pressure on Indians, BCCI should definitely call off the tour and henceforth never plan a tour to Australia till they learn their lesson. Personally I feel every other cricket playing nation should not play against Australia either in Australia or away.

Update: Add to it decision against Ganguly who was trying to save the match for India. Australia wins the match but the credit goes to the umpires.
Update 2: The tour is suspended. Read here.

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2 thoughts on “Boycott Australian Tour

  1. WTH is happening to world cricket, I am pissed off by
    i) Watching Ponting appealing for a catch even after knowing that he has grounded it
    ii) Watching Michael Clarke standing his ground even after he cleanly edged the ball to slip.
    iii) Mark Benson not consulting the square leg umpire / the third umpire but asking Ponting before giving Ganguly out.

  2. the topic is gettin more coverage than wat is required. indeed it is an important issue . but there hardly somethin news channel can do the competition is so stiff that eyeballs have to be attracted with whatever news thats can be sensationalized

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