Chennai Classic Rally

Today morning the Chennai Autorickshaw Classic Rally was flagged off from Chennai Beasant Nagar Beach around 11:00am. Quite a hot day. The heat did not dampen the spirits of the participants who were as eager as in pervious occassions to just kick-start the event and move on in the auto’s. The participants were from India, Hungary, Canada, US. Some of them were regulars and knew everything about it.
(Flag off by Mylapore DCP and accompanied by Oram Po movie director and actor)

(Best decorated auto)

(Best costume design)

(Reach out for anything possible)

(Make shift mirror for dressing)

(Best smile)

(Arvind the main brain behind the Auto rally and myself)

(Marika, incharge of Public relations for the rally and myself)

(SS Music host chatting with Oram Po director)
The rally starts from Chennai touching Pondicherry, Thanjavur, Madurai, Rameshwaram and finally Kanyakumari. Expecting a rally once again loaded with incidents and fun like previous occassions.
Thanks to my bro was taking the snaps.

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4 thoughts on “Chennai Classic Rally

  1. We are organizing a campaign to demystify epilepsy. We want to conduct a walk along the beach for this. Can you tell me what all permissions i need to take for this?

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