Cricket runs your life

In India for about lot of people I find that their life revolves just around Cricket. Where ever they are cricket is the topic of discussion. If there is any game played against India then time is spent either in front of television or in front of computer refreshing the score card. You stay awake if its a day-night game played in India or other countries at different time zones. You wake up early if cricket is played Down Under. You food timings are dependent on cricket breaks.
Then they are analysing the game or the way players play the selection of team. But any point of time in a year about 360 days would be spent talking minimum of few hours on cricket in different groups.
Why why?? Isnt there anything else to talk about. Isnt there anything else to do.
Like I was telling some people today morning, cricket should be looked at as a profession. There are so many people and how would everyone get a job. Cricket is a mean of employment oppurtunity. Do cricketers talk about the profession we are in?? Maybe they would be blaming for all the wrong software we give them which makes their analysis of opponents worse.

Is it the same with other sports in India, of course not. The only other topic I have found common is movies. Are things similar in other countries??

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5 thoughts on “Cricket runs your life

  1. I am one cric fanatic too, a sane one though. Craze for a sport / movies is common everywhere. Its cricket here, soccer, basketball and gymnastics elsewhere.

  2. @aslam
    am very much attached which is makes me think why ppl are so crazy!! 🙂

    only difference is other sports are played for short duration so the total wastage of time is less…

    thats the problem. since cricket is considered as religion other sports are not getting enuf attention.. example the hockey team after winning Asia cup…

  3. i india cricket is religion man~~~not only directly but indirectly to it suports millions of people( and corporate)…but i like formula one more .. i know its an expensive game ~~~but its worth it~~`

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