Billa (2007) – Movie Review

Final verdict – Dont waste your time.

If you have seen the original Billa replace Rajini with Ajith and Thengai Srinivasan with Prabhu. While the two in the earlier version gave a powerful performance which was worth watching many number of times this is was dragging a lot. The apt dialogue for Prabhu comes in the movie itself when Ajit says “enna koduma Sir idu”. The next best dialogue is for Nayantara by Santhanam “yaar inda ballelaka”. There is no power in any of the dialogues in the movie nor is there any performance that is worth mentioning. Ajith, Nayantara stand and walk as if they have been instructed by army commander. They stand straight and tight holding their body stiff took look like they are bad guys and they fail miserably. In terms of exposure Nayantara beats Priyanka Chopra hands down (Priyanka acted in the remake of Don). Nayantara exposes less in songs than in other sequences.
If Don remake was made shot in Malaysia can the remake of Billa of be left behind!!?? Kuala Lumpur is the location mostly and few shots in Chennai in the studio of AVM.
Santhanam for two scenes could have been left out itself. Prabhu with his huge figure even in wildest dreams does not make one think he can be Deputy Superindent of Police. I dont understand why the director has made in smile in many shots giving away any amount of suspense that can be built. Vishnu Vardhan who gave impressive hits like Pattiyal has disappointed the viewers.
One song for Namitha leaves me wondering why was that forcibly inserted into?? Yuvan Shankar Raja should be thanking Hollywood on most occassions for the background score. The remake of song “My name is Billa” does not make e stand up and dance unlike the other remixes he has given, maybe he had to remember that Ajith cannot dance. Ajith who does not chew pan is forced to do so when running from police and bad guys to bring up the song “Vetalaya potendi”.

Overall, the movie could be ignored.

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